Kitchen Ventilation Fan Costs

Let's face it, for many people, kitchen ventilation fan costs are the main criteria when choosing a new kitchen ventilation fan or replacing an old or defective one. The kitchen ventilation fan costs will vary and can be anything from $49 for a simple small ceiling mounted ventilation fan, to $400 or more for a more substantial ventilation fan that includes a cooker hood, so that greasy air and smells are extracted as quickly as possible. Basically, deciding on what you want or need will establish the kitchen ventilation fan costs.

Choosing the kitchen ventilation fan

Deciding on your kitchen ventilation fan will not only depend on kitchen ventilation fan costs, it will also depend on the amount of room you have in your kitchen and whether you will need to include extensive work to install it. Well, installing the apparatus yourself will keep your kitchen ventilation fan costs down, however, if you are not sure what you are doing, you should hand the project over to an expert. Some kitchen fans are very easy to install and others practically require a science degree!

More than one type of kitchen ventilation fans

The fact that you want a kitchen ventilation fan does not make the decision easy. There are different types of ventilation fans and some are more suitable than others for your home. In fact, kitchen ventilation fan costs will also vary with the type of installation required. There are really three main types of kitchen ventilation fans and these are:

  • A range hood
  • Room exhaust
  • Down draft

A range hood fits over your range or stove and draws up the moisture and smells from the cooking you create. These should be vented to the outside of the house and this can be through a wall or sometimes the ducts go up and out through the roof.

A room exhaust will take care of all the odors and remove air from the whole of the kitchen area, not just over the range area. This makes them very popular and they are easier to install and kitchen ventilation fan costs are cheaper for this variety.

A downdraft will usually vent through the floor. These are usually stainless steel material and although they are found in domestic kitchens, they are more easily found in commercial kitchens.

Quick recap

The best kitchen ventilation fan costs will depend on your personal budget. Very often new houses are already fully equipped with ventilation fans and these are built into the fabric design of the house. However, they are relatively easy to find and any existing kitchen ventilation fan can be easily replaced. So, in conclusion, what you are looking for in a kitchen ventilation fan should fall into the following:

  • Quiet when running
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Replacement parts can be obtained
  • Warranty included
Once you have considered these option, you are well on your way to fully establishing your kitchen ventilation fan costs and factoring them into remodeling your kitchen or replacing your tired old kitchen ventilation fan.


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