Kitchen Ventilation Fan Ranges And Styles

Choosing between the various kitchen ventilation fan ranges & styles can be a daunting task at times, given that homeowners are not only concerned with the effectiveness of the air relocation and filtering but also with the décor of the room. However, since the kitchen and the bathroom are the two primary rooms in any home that require ventilation for both sanitary and convenience reasons, we will take a look at the basic models and options currently on the market.

On a side note, there are countless variations of the kitchen ventilation fan ranges & styles discussed here, but their main characteristics are essentially the same. To summarize, the purchase options include:

  • Range hoods ventilation
  • Ceiling range hoods ventilation
  • Downdraft exhaust ventilation
  • Room exhaust ventilation

Range hoods ventilation

In order to understand the range hoods' kitchen ventilation fan ranges & styles, it suffices to say they are built within the cabinets above the cooker and their main function is to suck out the air saturated with moisture, smoke or cooking residue. The air absorbed by the range hood ventilators will generally be transported among the ducts and towards the exterior of the home. However, there are also range hoods kitchen ventilation fan ranges & styles that do employ ducts but rather purify the air with the aid of an incorporated filter. The materials and finishes of these ventilation units are quite versatile, ranging from stainless steel to coatings similar to the cabinets in which they have been incorporated.

Ceiling range hoods ventilation

The concept between ceiling range kitchen ventilation fan ranges & styles is similar to the range hoods ventilators. However, the difference is that the hood is mounted in the ceiling rather than the cabinets and is almost always connected to the ductwork. The choice in whether they should be hidden from view with the aid of tiles or integrated in the décor of the kitchen falls with the homeowner.

Downdraft exhaust ventilation

The downdraft kitchen ventilation fan ranges & styles employ a slightly different principle, construction and modus operandi in regards with the models discussed above. In essence, they are generally integrated within the countertop or behind cook tops and they function by transporting air downwards and through a ductwork. The vents can be at the same level as the surface of the countertop or telescopic, for those who do not mind spending a bit extra.

Room exhaust ventilation

This type of ventilation does not target only the extra humidity, smell or smoke from the kitchen, but rather relocates the entire air supply altogether. Although it can be either mounted within the roof or floor structure or be linked to a duct, it is not quite as effective as the other ventilators presented here. However, its advantage is the much more accessible price range.

In a nutshell

Regardless of which kitchen ventilation fan ranges & styles a homeowner decides upon, the characteristics to consider are the ventilation power (measured in CFM), the versatility of adjusting the airflow speeds, the noise level and the power consumption of the unit.


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