Kitchen Wall Ventilation Fan

Kitchen wall ventilation fan are hung or attached directly to the kitchen wall and is primarily used for the removal of unpleasant or stale air in your kitchen. In addition to this, it also helps in the reduction of moisture levels and removal of impurities and pollutants created by activities that are performed in the kitchen area.

Most modern kitchens in both commercial and residential settings are fitted with this type of ventilation fan to ensure the following:

  • Continual circulation and release of stale air into the external environment
  • Elimination of unwanted odors generated in the kitchen
  • Prevention of the accumulation of grease and grime on kitchen surfaces

There are other advantages of this mechanical device and this helps homeowners and business managers maintain a clean and healthy cooking environment or work station. In your search for the right kitchen wall ventilation fan, you need to consider the following important variables.

The Purpose of the Kitchen Wall Ventilation Fan

The purpose or requirement of your modern kitchen will determine the kind of kitchen wall ventilation fan that you are going to invest on and install in your home or business establishment. You have to remember that these devices are not labeled as to their specific location, like kitchen, garage or bathroom.

However, you can easily determine the most appropriate ventilation fan for your kitchen by considering the product specifications and features. A ventilation fan that is ideal for the modern kitchen must have the capacity to collect and expel greasy air and cooking odors and prevent the accumulation of moisture. In addition to these, you need to find the model of kitchen wall ventilation fan that is capable of drawing and circulating fresh air in your modern kitchen.

The Total Volume of the Kitchen

Before you shop for a kitchen wall ventilation fan, it is imperative that you work on the numbers and calculate the Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM. This is the measure of the minimum airflow that is required in your kitchen in order to effectively introduce and circulate fresh air in your kitchen for 8 times on an a per hour basis.

CFM is a function of the total volume or cubic area and it is derived by getting the product of the height, length and width of the kitchen and the derived volume is divided by 7.5. This value is normally indicated in the product label and this is one of the most important information that you need to consider when searching for the wall ventilation fan that is most appropriate for your kitchen.

The Quality of the Kitchen Wall Ventilation Fan

It may not be enough for a layman to simply go over the information and instructions that are indicated in the box or even by cursory inspection of the device while assessing the quality of the ventilation fans that are available in the market.  However, you can come up with a shortlist of top choices by considering brands and models that are manufactured and distributed by companies with solid track record. Suffice it to say, you should choose kitchen wall ventilation fans from companies that offer a solid guarantee or warranty.


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