Through Wall Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Through wall kitchen exhaust fan can be the perfect solution when you prefer a ventilation system that is anchored on direct venting through the kitchen wall. This is the ideal kitchen exhaust solution for modern homes, apartment complexes and condominiums. The typical CFM rating for through wall kitchen exhaust fan ranges from 242 to 700 and the duct size ranges from 6 to 8 inches.

A through wall kitchen exhaust fan can be used in residential and light commercial settings where a quiet yet powerful ventilation fan is required and where available space is limited. It is chosen for its powerful extraction of stale or humid air from one or more ports and is the preferred solution for ventilation systems with long duct runs. This application is typically used in range hood ventilation, sub-floor ventilation and small commercial kitchen ventilation systems.

Points to Consider when Choosing the Right Exhaust Fan

There are several important parameters that you need to consider when searching for the exhaust fan that is appropriate for your modern kitchen. These include the following:

  • Sizing requirement of your modern kitchen
  • Makeup air
  • Installation requirements and instructions by the manufacturer
  • Sizing requirement of the ducting for your exhaust fan

Sizing a Through Wall Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Sizing a through wall kitchen exhaust fan is fairly simple and easy. Most home improvement contractors and specialists simply determine the square footage of your modern kitchen and multiply the amount by 2 in order to get the required amount of air out of the through wall kitchen exhaust fan in cubic feet per minute. Thus, if you have a kitchen with a floor area of 350 sq. ft, then you would have to choose a through wall kitchen exhaust fan with a CFM rating of not less than 700. It would be best that you invest in an exhaust fan that can match the airflow at its midrange speed mode and such mechanical devices will normally deliver a 1,100 CFM at its highest speed mode.

Makeup Air Requirements

A large-sized through wall kitchen exhaust fan has a relatively high requirement for replacement air. In modern homes where too much air is suck out of the modern kitchen and where there is no inlet for makeup air installed, the situation can trigger serious problems of back drafting. The makeup air requirement of the modern kitchen should not be taken lightly as failure to comply with such requirement can increase the level of carbon monoxide inside the home these harmful gases are sucked from the metal vent, chimney and fireplace.

Installation Guidelines by the Manufacturer

Before you choose a particular through wall kitchen exhaust fan, it would be wise if you read through the installation guidelines of the manufacturer. This instruction document will provide you with all the essential information related to sizing requirements as well as the steps involved in its installation. It is imperative that you follow the installation guidelines in order for you to comply with the terms of the warranty or guarantee. In addition to this, you need to take into account this information so that you will be able to know the sizing requirement and comply with the minimum requirement for its installation.


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