Captive Air Kitchen Ventilation Fan

Captive Air kitchen ventilation fans are easily one of the leading choices when it comes to kitchen ventilation and fire suppressing applications for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Captive-Aire, which was organized in the 70s, is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of commercial kitchen ventilation solutions and exhaust fans and boasts of an average annual sales amounting to $200 million.

Most of the Captive Air kitchen ventilation fan units can be found in government and commercial restaurants, national chains in the US, Canada and Mexico. Among its notable clients are Panda Express, Costco, Wal-Mart and Chipotle.  Its Redding plant currently manufactures some 27 kitchen ventilation hoods and up to 50 Captive Air kitchen ventilation fan units a day.

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Systems

An energy efficient kitchen ventilation system is an indispensable investment for restaurants and commercial food service outlets. A poorly operating ventilation and fire suppression unit will not only affect the viability of your business venture but also lead to an environment that is unsafe not only to your clients but to your employees as well.

All Captive Air kitchen ventilation fan units are encased in high grade stainless steel for maximum protection. The company provides a broad range of applications that suit a diverse set of ventilation and safety requirements of commercial kitchens.

Captive Aire Product Lines

Captive Air manufactures a broad range of kitchen ventilation solutions for restaurants and commercial kitchens and these include the following:

  • Down blast and wall mount axial ventilation fans
  • Ceiling mounted ventilation fans
  • Down blast and up blast centrifugal ventilation fans
  • Inline ventilation fans
  • Kitchen utility sets

Down Blast and Wall Mount Axial Ventilation Fans

Down blast and wall mounted axial ventilation fans are powered by direct drive motors. This makes them the perfect choice of those who are looking for a low-cost kitchen ventilation solution in restaurants where the exhaust system has low resistance.

Ceiling Mounted Ventilation Fans

This line of ventilation fans by Captive Air is known for its low noise rating and sound-proofed stainless steel housing. This device can also be mounted on the ceiling in case the kitchen design and layout do not provide for wall mount kitchen ventilation application.

Down Blast and Up Blast Ventilation Fans

Centrifugal ventilation fans are specially designed to suck more air under conditions where high static pressure prevails. This line of down blast and up blast ventilation fans by Captive Air is equipped with energy efficient wheel and well-balanced air inlet that ensure low operating noise level and longer motor life. These Captive air kitchen ventilation fan units are perfect for installation on motels, hotels, hospitals, schools and other light to medium commercial kitchens and workstations.

Inline Ventilation Fans

Inline ventilations fans by Captive Air ensure low noise levels while maintaining optimum performance. This ventilation fan series offers a broad range of options in the movement of stale and humid air from the commercial kitchen to the external environment. These remote mounted kitchen ventilation fans are ideal for non-stop ventilation applications.

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