Jenn Air Kitchen Ventilation Fan

Jenn-Air kitchen ventilation fan units are known for their distinctive styling and high-precision workmanship. The company has been one of the leading players in the industry since the introduction of the first generation of self-ventilated cooktop in the 1960s. Jenn-Air has consistently built and maintained a solid reputation as a premier source of energy-efficient kitchen ventilation solutions for the home and business. The company has been known as the prime mover of several technological advances and holds several product patents and offers cutting edge features in the ventilation fans that it manufactures.

Jenn-Air Kitchen Ventilation Fan Series

Jenn-Air offers a diverse range of kitchen solutions and its product range includes the following:

  • Wall mounted Jenn-Air ventilation fan
  • Under the Cabinet Jenn-Air ventilation fan
  • Island Jenn-Air kitchen ventilation fan
  • Downdraft Jenn-Air kitchen ventilation fan

Wall Mount Ventilation Fans

These wall-mounted ventilation fans feature 4 speed modes and a power rating of 600 CFM in dual exhaust operation, making this ventilation solution perfect for large and busy kitchen in the homes and in commercial establishments. It is an integral part of a kitchen hood ventilation system that consists of an auto-power on function, timer and indicators for grease, fan speed and replace filter and light levels.

Under the Cabinet Jenn-Air Ventilation Fan Series

This line of kitchen ventilation fans are specially designed for venting of cooking odors, vapors, smoke and grease that are generated during commercial cooking activities and meets the specific requirements of cooking burners and surfaces of restaurants and other business establishments. The ventilation fans are integrated into the kitchen ventilation hoods and offers optional accessories such as replacement filters, special cleaning solution, and stainless steel backguard and duct cover.

Island Kitchen Ventilation Fans

This is a line of highly efficient and powerful kitchen solutions from Jenn-Air that are perfect for islands in modern kitchens. These fans have a CFM rating of 600 and are the ideal option for commercial kitchens and busy and large kitchens in modern homes. These ventilation devices are an essential component of an island hood ventilation system and comes with design theme that is Euro-style inspired. This Jenn-Air ventilation solution also offers other functional and high-performance options and these include multiple settings in clear LCD display for precise control of the kitchen ventilation system.

Downdraft Kitchen Ventilation Fans

The line of downdraft kitchen ventilation fans by Jenn-Air offers an efficient yet less obtrusive way of venting smoke, vapors, grease and other particulates that are generated in the modern kitchen. This is the ideal choice when space is a limiting factor and when you prefer a minimalist approach in the overall design of your modern kitchen. This ventilation option is the logical choice if you have limited kitchen space and when you don’t want the mechanical device to mess up the seamless or sleek design and layout of your kitchen. These ventilation devices also have a relatively low noise rating and offer various options in its location, which include the rear portion of the cooktop, on the wall or in the benchtop.


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