Portafab Kitchen Ventilation Fan

Portafab specializes in the design, manufacture and delivery of a broad range of commercial and industrial kitchen ventilation applications. It is a company that is dedicated in meeting the needs and requirements for ventilation and heating of restaurants and commercial kitchens. It has a solid track record and experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of kitchen ventilation solutions for commercial and industrial purpose. The company’s continued success is anchored on its 25 years of experience in the manufacture of ventilation applications and modular wall systems.

Each of the PortaFab kitchen ventilation fan units is manufactured to meet the specifications of its clients. Not only does the company deliver a wide range of ventilation applications, PortaFab also provides clients all the detailed information and guidelines so that they can easily follow the cleaning and maintenance of their PortaFab kitchen ventilation fan units.

PortaFab Kitchen Exhaust System

The ventilation system for the industrial or commercial kitchen becomes part of a fire-safe structure within the business establishment. Fumes and vapor that emanate from the kitchen or workstation are sucked and expelled through the ductwork and into the external environment by the PortaFab kitchen ventilation fan.

PortaFab caters to a wide range of ventilation applications that offer the best value. The company’s experience and technical expertise ensure that you get the best ventilation devices for your unique and specific requirements.

A typical PortaFab kitchen ventilation system consists of the following:

  • A commercial ventilation canopy or hood
  • A PortaFab kitchen ventilation fan
  • A commercial kitchen ventilation ductwork system

PortaFab Kitchen Ventilation Fan and Makeup Air

The kitchen ventilation fan must be powerful enough to prevent the accumulation or buildup of harmful vapors and unwanted odors within the kitchen by sucking stale air and releasing it to the external environment through the ventilation system. In order to get rid of the stale or contaminated air inside the commercial kitchen or workstation, the ventilation system must be able to meet the requisites of an air exchange. The amount of stale or polluted air that is vented out of the commercial kitchen is measured in terms of CFM. This performance parameter is a function of the size of the commercial kitchen and the air exchanges within a particular period of time.

In order to prevent negative pressure inside the commercial kitchen, the PortaFab kitchen ventilation fan must be complemented by a system or device that can provide sufficient makeup air. You must remember that the stale or polluted air that is vented out must be replaced with the same amount of fresh air.

Choosing the Best Kitchen Ventilation Fan

When shopping for the “right” ventilation device for your kitchen or workstation, you have to find one that has a high energy-efficiency rating and low noise rating. Most brands of kitchen ventilation fans have these ratings in their labels and you can easily compare them with each other and find the right one that suits your needs and requirements. It is also important that you choose a ventilation fan unit that has permanent lubrication and parts that are replaceable.


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