Fantech Kitchen Ventilation Fan

A Fantech kitchen ventilation fan provides an efficient way of keeping the modern kitchen free of steam, grease, smoke, unwanted odors and other pollutants. It is an integral part of an exhaust solution which also includes a hood liner and an inline damper.

Fantech, for over 20 years, has specialized in the research, development, manufacture and distribution of cutting edge ventilation solutions for our businesses and homes. Its range of products includes:

  • Inline ventilation fans for the kitchen and bathroom
  • Heat and energy recovery devices
  • Inline centrifugal ventilation fans
  • Exterior wall and roof mounted ventilation fans
  • Multi-port exhaust fans
  • Air curtain and circulators
  • Hepa filtration devices

Main Types of Fantech Kitchen Ventilation Fan

The lines of Fantech kitchen ventilation fan consist of inline kitchen ventilation fans, exterior kitchen exhaust fans, kitchen ventilation hoods and other kitchen ventilation devices, which include backdraft dampers, roof caps and silencers.

Inline Kitchen Ventilation Fans

The inline kitchen ventilation fans are installed within the exhaust ducting and these mechanical devices pulls stale and contaminated air from the kitchen and vents them through the roof or wall. The inline Fantech kitchen ventilation fan units with the lowest noise rating are those that are positioned at the point along the duct run that is farthest from the ventilation hood. The inline ventilation fans of Fantech are grouped into 2 main product series, namely:

  • FG Ventilation Fan Series – These inline Fantech kitchen ventilation fans are specially designed for standard and smaller ranges and provide power rating which ranges from 303 to 940 CFM.
  • FKD Ventilation Fan Series – These inline Fantech kitchen ventilation fan units are specially designed for commercial and industrial use. The CFM rating of these inline ventilation fans ranges from 836 to 2016.

Exterior Kitchen Exhaust Fans

The distinctive feature of this type of Fantech kitchen ventilation fan is its low noise rating. This ventilation solution is located on the exterior wall or roof of the home. Thus, the noise of such mechanical devices is confined on the exterior part of the home. The exterior ventilation fans of Fantech are classified into 2 major product series, namely:

  • RVF Ventilation Fan Series – These are the ventilation fans that are designed for direct wall venting and are mounted on the exterior walls. The CFM rating of this ventilation solution ranges from 242 to 435.
  • REC/RE Ventilation Fan Series – These are ventilation fans that are mounted on the exterior wall of roof and offer the perfect ventilation solution for apartments and condominiums. The CFM rating of these kitchen ventilation fans ranges from 227 to 1008.

In addition to its selection of exterior ventilation fan units, Fantech also carries a wide range of ventilation hoods made of high grade stainless steel and other kitchen ventilation devices such as roof caps, backdraft dampers and silencers.

When searching for the ventilation solution for your home or business, it is imperative that you check the building code and residential code in your community before you make your final choice. In addition to these, you also have to consider the range of recommendations of several manufacturers and find one that matches the requirements of the business establishment or home.

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